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Basic information on how you can prevent getting HIV

How is HIV transmission prevented?


Having sexual abstinence (not having sex).

By practicing safe sex, i.e. without penetration (kisses, caresses, hugs, autoeroticism or masturbation and/or ejaculation on healthy skin).

Using blood and derivatives that have been previously tested and are free of the virus. SAFE BLOOD.

Recommending that Injectable Drug Users use a new needle and syringe in each application or wash and/or boil them.
Use latex or polyurethane gloves whenever handling blood or body secretions.

Providing free, voluntary and confidential HIV testing to 100 per cent of pregnant women in health services throughout the country.

Offering free antiretroviral drugs to all pregnant women with HIV.

Are there other modes of transmission?


It has been proven that HIV cannot be transmitted by casual or everyday contact such as hugging, touching, kissing, sharing eating or bathing utensils, or swimming in swimming pools. Nor is it transmitted by animals or insect bites.

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